Figure Skating Season is Approaching

Kiss and Never cry is a happy example of josei sports manga. The few weakness of the narration are balanced by the realistic details, in particular as regards competitions, scoring systems, and the life of athletes. I particularly appreciate the extreme attention in drawing the correct position of the skater in action, with a fine understanding of how edges work. Reading sports manga can be so frustrating, when the author does not get the tecnique involved (and sometimes not even the basic gravity involved).  While Ogawa sensei is doing a terrific job, and humbly confesses any discrepancies in a column at the end of the volume, explaining her choices. This is interesting and fun, and she is also sharing lovely notes. For example, in number 7 she says the cover was inspired by seeing Anna Cappellini performing at the Cup of Russia (I’m not sure this is the right photo, it’s just to give you an idea).