Not in My Backyard

A Marshall beagle is a a breed standard dog, intensively farmed by Marshall Bioresources in the US, in Italy (Montichiari) and China.
The Montichiari plant, called Green Hill and currently farming 2.500 aduls dogs plus puppies, 250 of which are sold to labs in Europe (a number of them already devocalized), was planning to expand its activity in the next few months to reach the number pf 5.000 dogs, after the recent shutting down of a direct competitor, Morini in Reggio Emilia.
Many people have worked for years in Reggio Emilia in order to close down Morini, and are still working to rehab the survived dogs (intensive farmed dogs tend to be physically and psychologically traumatized). People in Montichiari are still working to close down Green Hill, which recently renounced to expand its activity. In fact, Green Hill does not comply with regional law 16/2006, stating that a dog farm cannot exceed the number of 200 individuals, but still operates under law 116 of the Health Minister, which allows intensive farming of dogs for medical research, that is to say as lab animals.

This difference is the main point of the campaign. Many people tend to agree that animal testing is ethical because it is necessary for medical research. But intensive farming of lab animals exists because it is profitable, not because it is necessary. Is the profit of private business companies who farm lab animals intensively, devocalize them by routine, and sell them to any possible lab (think of make-up testing) ethical as well?

Ethical worries of private citizens still make a difference, especially in this damaged country.