Lazy Wednesday

Last night I saw the animation movie Secret of Kells and read the manga The Walking Man by Jiro Taniguchi.
They come from very different worlds, and they are both beautiful pieces of art.

It’s been twenty years since the last time I saw the Book of Kells with my own eyes at the Trinity College, and nearly one year since I last wandered aimlessly in a Japanese town. I remember very well that day I went to see the Book of Kells, I went with a friend, and after the visit we sat outside on the grass and he tried to play a tin whistle he had bought that afternoon. And this is my Taniguchi treasure, a very ancient wall I found completely by chance one Saturday morning while walking in Yanaka (Taito – Tokyo), hidden in a maze of small roads, small houses, temples, schools, shops, sento places and small parks dotted with cherry trees. It’s a Tsuiji wall (made with mud and tiles) of the Kannonki Temple, and it’s original, untouched by WWII bombings, although damaged by earthquakes. If you are familiar with Japan, you know how it feels, finding something (or someone) untouched by the WWII bombings. The people in the corner are drawing en plain air.