Boris (Not the Johnson Guy)

Boris is a cult tv series we have in Italy. It’s parody of Italian tv series, it’s grotesque and fun, albeit sometimes too smug. The series tends to be considered too self-contained, but in my opinion the problem is that shows like Boris, or even more Your Whole Life Ahead of You by Virzì, somehow end up excusing the situation they criticize, making it more bearable.

Anyway, the mainstream ignores Boris, basically because its three seasons were aired only on a pay satellite tv, and it’s only a few months since the show started being syndicated, so not many people have actually seen it on tv, while most fans have seen it only through illegal downloading.  Now Boris is a theatrical movie but it’s not selling well, because not may people know it, and fans are downloading it from the web..

The film is again a parody, it’s grotesque, and this time not too smug. It’s not trying to make the situation more bearable. In fact, it’s very sad, and leaves you with no hope whatsoever. I’m supposed to be happy about that, and this describes the situation very well.

By the way, Boris is a poor goldfish in a bowl, who was named Boris after Boris Becker by its owner, who is never seen one playing tennis, or watching a tennis match, throughout the entire series. I’m supposed to find this detail irrelevant, but I can’t help noticing it.