Not Bad

I don’t mean to blame it on Singulair, but all the movies I’m watching to keep me entertained during this pollen season are getting the same review: not bad.
I saw The Winter Guest (Rickman, Scotland, Emma and family, not bad), Empties (Eastern Europe, not bad), Gran Torino (Clint vs the melting pot, not bad), Boris (see notes, not bad), Tangled (the end of the Maerchenprinz, not bad).

An interview with Glen Keane about Tangled.

Well, for my dad, he based his whole comic strip on his own family. I’ve taken that very much into all the characters that I’ve worked on. Ariel was very much my wife, and designing Ariel was based on drawing her. Tarzan was my son doing his skateboarding; we were in Paris at the time and he was sliding down the Trocadéro and it was like, “OK, Tarzan should be a tree surfer not a guy swinging on vines.” Each of the characters reflects somebody in my own family. The Beast is me. [Laughs]. With Rapunzel, right off the bat I started thinking about my daughter Claire. When she was a little kid she always wanted to paint the walls and the ceiling, she was just explosive. Constantly clashing with my wife, too. Right off the bat I started talking about Rapunzel as irrepressible: uncontainable. Even just the story; take a person that has this supernatural gift and put her in a tight tower and she’s got to get out. Claire is like that. She had gone to Paris Art School and I loved her style of artwork; she came in and was just a natural fit for painting Rapunzel’s artistic expression on the walls. She’s going to continue going down that path and my son is also an artist. He doesn’t work at Disney; he prefers to have something more on his own outside doing commercials. Who knows where it’s going to go. Maybe our granddaughter is going to keep doing that

Claire on a Cloud, Claire Keane’s blog.

Claire at Disney Animation Studios