Lace and Spurs

During the Eighties I was given a Bridal Barbie as a present. Her dress resembled Diana’s wedding dress, and she came with Ken as bridegroom, on a carriage drawn by a grey horse.
As you may know, only albino horses can be considered white horses.
First of all I created the stables under my desk, for the horse. Then I parked the coach inside the closet, with Ken on the coachman’s seat. After that, I had Barbie wear a pair of trousers so that she could ride the horse and clean the stables. Finally I gave the wedding dress to the cat (he liked to scratch the lace with his claws).

Thirty years later, I love Kate’s wedding dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, for what it looks like and for what it means. I would never give any replica of it to the cat. Ever. But my favourite fashion detail of today’s Royal Wedding is and will remain the pair of spurs worn by Prince William in his Irish Guards Mounted Officer’s uniform (and by his brother and best man). It’s a pity They didn’t wear a sword.