Book 6

I had completely forgotten that the final installment of the Earth’s Children saga was due spring 2011. It suddenly occoured to me yesterday during lunch break, so I immediately went checking for reviews. I’m not exactly a fan of Jean Auel’s novels. The Clan of the Cave Bear was recommended to me by a couple of reliable friends, and proved to be a compelling reading, with a fine blend of scientific speculation and fantasy. Unfortunately, I found the following books increasingly boring, with all the endless sex scenes, Ayla’s annoying habit of inventing everything from bra to domestic dog, and the stupid bloke, Jondalar. But I kept reading, because I wanted to know two thing:

1. What happens to Durc exactly
2. Who were Ayla’s parents

Well, I still don’t know whether the new novel, The Land of Painted Caves answers my two questions or not. What I know is that the reviews are daunting, and very fun to read.

This is the Washington Post:

Sometimes it feels as though entire hominid species have evolved in less time than it takes to read “The Land of Painted Caves,” the sixth and final installment of Jean M. Auel’s best-selling prehistoric saga, “Earth’s Children.

This is the (fabulous) title of a review on Amazon Canada:

Watch the painted caves dry

I was planning to read this book during my multiple flights this summer, to keep me entertained and make time pass quickly, but it seems I will have to change my plans.