I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)

So I won’t be able to be in Casalgrande tonight, to see Billy Bragg and the Gang.  After all the music and the movies and life and universe and everything, sometimes adulthood just makes no sense anyway.

I saw the Gang a few years ago in a local disco, one Wednesday night, they were singing Sesto San Giovanni (about the working class of Milan) and we were all so tired, me and my friends and the other guys around us, and we couldn’t help thinking about the long drive home, and waking up early the next morning to go to work.
So please sing for me Billy Bragg tonight, sing for me Marino. I’m a girl tired from the eight-hour shift, as Vinicio Capossela used sing in Mezzanotte al Corallo, another song about another rock venue in Emilia.

I’m listening to K-Rock right now, the Severini brothers just joined us.