As a child I used to love nail polish and my mother had a hard time keeping me away from it. Why can’t I wear nail polish, I would ask. Because polished nails cannot breath, came the  answer. It was such an unsatisfactory answer. A satisfactory answer would have gone because nail polish contains toluene, DBP and formaldehyde resin which may be quite toxic, plus they are tested on animals. I would have reverted immediately to tempera colours.

I actually liked to scare my mother with my asphyxiating nails a lot, and later as a teen I liked scaring her with unconventional colours.

Now we have 3-free, 4-free and even 5-free formulas, so without harsh chemicals, as well as cruelty-free and even water-based formulas, and no colour is unconventional anymore. In fact, according to Pantone mimosa was Colour of the Year for 2009, and Mimosa is the colour of summer 2011 for Chanel (577), and for both Pantone and Chanel (527 Nouvelle Vague) turquoise was big in 2010.

credit PrettyGeekyThings

I definitely need to try a water-based nail polish next. It’s time to revert to tempera colours. Maybe in 2011 Honeysuckle.