Advection Fog

The very last day, just a few hours before boarding my flight to Munich, I found someone ready to admit that San Francisco weather is quite annoying, actually. I was shopping at Amoeba in The Haight Ashbury, and telling the guys at the counter I was very worried about going back to Italy, where unbearable 38 degrees were stupidly waiting for me. Well, better than San Francisco weather, went the answers. I was quite surprised. I had spent my whole stay in San Francisco trying not to whine about the weather, as everyone around me seemed so happy about it, chatting at breakfast about how cool it was, the morning fog, the evening fog, the clouds so close to the ground you have to walk through them, and the perennial cold (we were barely touching 18 degrees Celsius) and the wind et cetera. Don’t go in this part of town before midday because there’s the fog, go in the afternoon it will be a gorgeous day, they would say. So I would go in the afternoon, only to find fog and clouds, as usual. And when the sun actually pops up, it’s still cold, but you need UPF 20. Now I understand why Brian Wilson, the Giants pitcher, sports that famous beard, it must be because of the chilly wind on the pitching mound.

According to my father, the problem is the city was founded by fanatical Spanish conquerors and stubborn gold rushers, not by wise primitive people. Primitive people knew better, and they wouldn’t have founded a city in a place where advection fog occours on a daily basis.

Went to Muir Woods. Of course found it enchanting and quite depressing (I’ll have to stop visiting the remaining old-growth of the planet, I can’t bear the sadness of them anymore). In my opinion, the Bay Area weather is just perfect if you are a redwood in family of redwoods sprouting from the ground. Silent and happy in the fog and the clouds and the scorching sun and the chilly wind for centuries, the wildlife populating the canopy and running up and down the hills (have I mentioned the maddening hills that prevent you from walking for more than 2 blocks?).

So now my dilemma as follows: does the annoying weather actually play a role in human creativity in the Bay Area? Are the clouds good for civil rights maybe? Do they ever have starry nights on the Skywalker Ranch? And don’t you guys ever miss the redwoods?

(and Douglas firs also)