Dear Mario Botta

tomorrow the city of Modena is expected to peak 39 degrees Celsius. Very soon you’re going to cut down all the trees in Piazza Matteotti, big shady trees, forty years old, for your important restyling involving a private underground parking lot.

I suppose you’re not planning to cross that square next summer one day in August.

For my part, rest assured the day before the Cat machines arrive, that will be the last day I walk across, around or anyway in the vicinity of Piazza Matteotti.

Yours sincerely,

PS I’m just back from San Francisco, where my friend John told me that you originally wanted to plant a ring of ficus trees atop the cylinder of the SFMOMA (which by the way I liked, the building, not the idea of the trees atop).  But you know, the Mausoleum of Augustus was in Rome, where the weather is nice. Do you have any idea what the wind is like in San Francisco (see previous post)? Let me put it this way. Dealing with dead trees, missing trees, greens needing lots of water in places where rain can go missing for months (Pilotta in Parma, anyone?), up-keeping in irrational conditions, is a cost you are leaving to the citizens of the places you restyle.

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