Dots Obsession

The Juicy Tubes designed by Yayoi Kusama have (supposedly) been around for a year now, but so far I’ve been able to find them only at the Honolulu Airport and San Francisco Airport (SFO international terminal), and only in a few colours.
But they do exist, and now I can prove that I’m not crazy, in particular to a couple of women working at local cosmetic stores, who clearly never believed me about the existence of this limited edition, they would just say “I’ll ask the supplier and I’ll let you know”, while it was absolutely obvious that they were thinking instead “What does this weirdo want from me?”. Knowing more about cosmetics than those selling them is exasperating and also a little scary.

I bought one at each airport, #121 Happy Honey in Honolulu and #125 Swing Pink at the SFO, and in both cases the shop assistant performed the full Japanese paying ritual for me, receiving my credit card with both hands, giving it back to me again with both hands, bowing repeatedly and pronouncing a lovely thank you very  muuuuuuuuuch at the end, like in arigato gazaimaaaaaas. I was quite delighted.
I suppose they do that in Honolulu because they are familiar with Japanese customers, while at the SFO maybe they are over-polite because they have to deal every day with irritable passengers stranded there for hours and hours by United (I had all the time to have legs waxed at SFO).

A satisfying shopping experience, except that I was soon to discover that a new limited edition of the Kusama limited edition claims to exist. It’s supposed to be called Awakening of Love. This time I am the first to doubt. I wonder in what kind of airport I will be able to find them.