Welcome Nayo

I was a little worried because my hairdresser’s assistant recognized me over the phone the other day. I imagined him, rolling his eyes, preparing the rubber gloves, to treat my sorry sorry hair. So I was utterly pleased to discover that they weren’t exasperated by me, they were actually preparing a surprise: they have just bought a new dying product, without ammonia, with some organic ingredients , and ppd-free (intended as p-Phenylenediamine, not as post partum depression). Which means that tonight I won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night disturbed by the dye smell, and tomorrow morning I won’t have to wash the pillow, because the product has not smell at all! Not to mention that I will be little less poisoned than planned. To counterpart my chemical Saturday, I just gave the cat quite a hash product against filariasis and a number of assorted parasites (10 days above 38° and many horrible little critters are constantly trying to enter the house either to feed on us or to benefit from AC)