Lisa Simpson as Connie Appleseed

During my stay in San Francisco a sea lion with gunshot wounds was rescued in the Monterey Area, only to be euthanized when the wounds were discovered to be too serious. A female sea lion found in a muddy creek in Palo Alto also died a few days after being rescued. And a whale died for unknown reason after two months spent in a river in north California near the Oregon border with her calf (who apparently found its way back to Ocean).

I was told Pier39 is for tourists only, locals don’t go there but you have to go once, so I went once. I had a look around and read all the panels about the problems sea lions face because of Ocean trash, in particular ending up entangled in fishing lines and nets and eventually dying. I turned around and immediately saw this poor guy here, clearly strangled. No one seemed to notice, in fact all the tourists there were apparently having a great time.


Later I went online, only to find out that the local Marine Mammal Center based in Sausalito is actually trying to capture my entangled sea lion as well as another one with the same problem, to cut the nets and save them, but the two guys keep on evading capture. Trapping a sea lion resting on a dock is quite a challenge, because it will quickly disappear in the water, while anesthetics are not an option because the animal will feel the shot and again disappear in the water, eventually drowning as soon as the drug takes effect.

Now. The next day in Union Square there was a chick sparrow fallen from its nest.

Last time I went to London, in June, the bees were dying.

Ok, at home I can go around equipped with leashes and sheets in the trunk and emergency numbers to be called both for domestic and wild animals.

But is there a place on Earth where I can go on holiday without having to worry all the time about individuals of endangered species dying right in front of my camera?

Actually, I have to say in Hawai’i things went slightly better. Protected areas seemed to me small and trapped between highways and tourists, but at least tourists were not too loud and the highways not too busy, and there were protected areas to begin with. The animal shelters also looked fine.

In addition, on Kauai they have these cool wild chickens that seem to be doing quite fine. I live in the country because I enjoy seeing chickens outside the window. Well, Kauai brings this to the next level, as you have wild chickens outside your window.