This Is How We Feel

I saw This Is England by Shane Meadows. It made me sad because I didn’t know about the casualties of the Falklands War. I distinctly remember the gloom of the Thatcher Era, but I had never realised someone had actually died at the Falklands. A war without deaths? Such a thing does not exist, said my colleague today. Well, I just didn’t know.

But I did know a repentant skinhead in person. He was from a nearby town. He used to be a xenophobe, but then he realised that the true skinhead subculture was to be found in working-class identity and black music. So he became famous as the repentant skinhead from Scandiano. We were introduced by a classmate of mine, who was a rockabilly. I was kind of a goth-punk back then.

Subcultures thrived here during the Eighties, even this far from England.