Fernanda Gattinoni

Well the waiting for the ballet season of the town theater is over at last, as I discovered that there will be no ballet season this Autumn, except for a few events promoted by a private bank, for lack of public funds.

If you can read Italian, this is the laconic notice (if you cannot read Italian consider yourself lucky as you don’t have to cope with the shameful condition of this country):
Il quadro di diminuzione delle risorse di questi ultimi anni non ha consentito per questa Stagione la consueta programmazione della rassegna Danza Autunno.

This means that, as far as ballet is concerned, the main events of that theater will be the annual recitals of the local ballet schools, and therefore as a ballet dancer myself who once performed there in the occasion of such an event, I am magically transformed into an etoile!

When you’re the etoile of the town theater, while you can’t even sew the elastics of your own shoes properly, it means that something has gone terribly wrong with the cultural life of the country you’re living in.

All this considered, I really wanted to pay a visit the theater, to comfort it, so it won’t feel lonely. So I went to see a marvellous display in the foyer, of clothes designed by Fernanda Gattinoni for celebrities such as Kim Novak, Anna Magnani, Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn. I loved the three dresses Audrey Hepburn wore in War and Peace, with small velvet horses and rhinestones applied on them.
They made me feel slightly better.