Look Back in Anger

I’m not sure from now on I’ll be more fond of my Mac, maybe I will, maybe I’ll even forget for a little while about PRC suicide factories and the green my apple campaign. What I know, is that yesterday I felt the urge to condole with the shop assistant at the door of the new Apple Store in Bologna, and maybe hug her. But what I did instead was to go out and cross the street and visit the exhibition about the history of the Italian Communist Party. I found it too multi-medial, actually. Don’t you know that the medium is the message? Don’t you know what happens to the content, in the age of technical reproduction?  The content, it doesn’t really matter, in the end. In fact, the chronology of the PCI was printed on a transparent bridge, and you had to walk downhill to the end of an era, and I was expecting to fall thought a hole in the floor eventually. Instead, I was invited to walk down the stairs, for the rest of the exhibition. I liked the collection of vintage posters, though. They were about worker’s rights, women’s condition, environmental pollution. They were supposed to sound topical, and they did. But I couldn’t help thinking that it’s just because we still haven’t solved those problems, they’re still here as they were during the Seventies, when I started hearing about them, and seeing those posters, in their analogical versions.