Double X

Don’t buy a powerful vacuum cleaner the very week you read Le Deuxième Sexe by Simone de Beauvoir. Don’t do that.

In case your old vacuum cleaner dies just before a long Autumn weekend don’t go to the library to borrow Le Deuxième Sexe, borrow a book by Mary Norton instead. This will allow you to go ahead and buy a cool vacuum cleaner and get rid of all the dust (even in the Borrower’s house). You’ll read  Le Deuxième Sexe during Christmas holidays.
In case you’ve just borrowed Le Deuxième Sexe and your old vacuum cleaner dies, I suggest you stop reading it, because both buying a powerful vacuum cleaner and not buying it and watching the dust taking control of your house (and the Borrower’s) while reading Le Deuxième Sexe will make you very unhappy. Read Mary Norton instead, buy the machine, then proceed reading Le Deuxième Sexe.


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