When Herta Mueller got her Nobel Prize back in 2009 I was so happy for her and literature. I loved to see her smiling with that bunch of flowers in her arms.

When Hertzier was out in 1994, I had just started learning German, I couldn’t understand much, but I had grown up in a small country village during Cold War so I knew about borders and bloody fields and dead rabbits, or at least I could share the feeling.
I decided to re-read it in Italian because of this nice edition by Keller, a small company which started publishing Herta Mueller before 2009. Hertzier is called Il paese delle prugne verdi in Italian, just like in the English version The Land of Green Plums by Michale Hofmann.
Once I told Mr. Keller that the plums on the cover seem apples to me, but he guaranteed they are plums indeed.

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