Dear David,
so it’s Autumn again and your book is out in Italy. People are doing such things as blogging about it and rating it on Anobii using a certain number of stars. The translation is particularly good, I have to say. The new Murakami book is out as well. He was rumored to be running for a Nobel this year but then the prize went to Tomas Transtroemer. Well, you probably don’t mind about the publishing market. But I’m sure you know Jonathan Franzen has written a new novel in the meanwhile about a little wild bird called the cerulean warbler being disturbed by the Great American Anthropization and eventually killed by the ubiquitous domesticated cats.

It’s not very cold yet, but last night me and the cat were looking out of the open window to check the position of Orion, and we were able see my breath. I breathed deeply, in and out, enjoying the pollen-free air of December (no need for salbutamol). The cat stared at me in amazement, so I told him that, well, I’m a dragon. He made big eyes, he clearly believed me.

2012 is going to be the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. I’m quite happy to be getting rid of the Year of the Rabbit, rabbits have such a miserable life on Earth in the Anthropocene. My cat just ate canned rabbit for supper, just to mention it.

Oh, and Roger Federer won the ATP finals last month! And they’ve invented blue clay! It seems the next Madrid Masters will be held on this blue clay. Of course Nadal is not happy about it and is mocking Tiriac about maybe having to play on blue grass in the future.

They say the temperatures are going to drop in the next few days. We’re approaching the solstice, Orion makes a nice angle in the sky.