Extra Large

Sometimes you open your closet and you discover that your old clothes have shrunk mysteriously. But can an entire brand shrink while you’re not looking?

I found a Fiorucci skirt at the local vintage shop. We do have a vintage shop here because the local racket gangs are more interested in the small supermarket and in conventional business activities involving cars and motorbikes, while the pretty ones are left alone and doing fine.  This is why we have a vintage shop, a pet food shop and a flower shop in  a country village – also my neighbour sells me the eggs of her chickens (but not during the winter because as you may know chickens don’t lay many eggs during the winter, so I have to find free-range eggs at the supermarket until spring).

The only available size for the Fiorucci skirt was XL. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. You draw your own conclusions.