So we’re all set, snowing outside, car in the garage, the wild birds have eaten half of the food we gave them, added sunflower seeds, yoga lesson cancelled, book fair postponed, the perfect weekend for compulsive re-watching of everything-BBC-Sherlock. But last night we decided to have a break and try something different, so we resolved to watch Revolutionary Road, avoided for years because of Di Caprio.

Now, apart from the Di Caprio problem, here I confess I’ve always been utterly incapable to relate to Yates’ characters. My fault, for sure. Richard Yates is a writer of outstanding talent and I admire his style, absolutely. But when we come to his characters, I just don’t get them. Ok, life is lousy no matter if urban, suburban or in the country. Individuals are pathetic losers who just cannot make themselves happy, especially women. Ok. So what? Am I suppose to sit in amazement in front of this so-called universal truth? Well, I just am not able to. I tried.

So at some point of Revolutionary Road, I was so bored and missing a starship. Any starship. The Enterprise D, the  Hear of Gold, you name it. Area 51 was built in the Forties after all. They have nice woods up there in the Revolutionary place, perfect for alien abduction. The greys could abduct April, she would be perfectly happy in the engaging Zeta Reticuli system, where hopeless emptiness is unknown.