Time Has Told Me

I love it when I discover elements of consistency in collective imagination, especially when I can relate to them on a personal level.

As you may have noticed I’ve been on quite a Cumberbatch trip lately, and this has also involved, among other things, watching BBC Hawking and reading a couple of related interviews, and look what I’ve discovered:

What roles would you most like to play still?
A young Nick Drake (the folk musician) – on film or telly. Play-wise, Oswald from Ghosts, Hamlet obviously. And why not Constantine (from The Seagull) as well.

Nick Drake. Nick Drake! He even felt he needed to specify who he was, for the uncultivated reader, and that the medium would not matter really. I love this. I’m speechless.

By the way, Cumberbach/Hawking flirting with the blonde girl at the pub about relative time (min. 14min. 0) reminded me of one of my physics teachers back in high school. No, not the young aggressive annoying lady, not the disgusting middle-aged sex addict who would never speak a word about physics, not the dull brunette who was only and forever interested in wave motion and but could not spell waves correctly, no, I mean the young guy with the sweet smile  and the perpetual chalk stains on the blazer. He didn’t like to sit at the desk, what he did like to do was scribbling madly on the chalkboard, and then he would lean on it and speak to the class, and sometimes he would call someone at the chalkboard to complete the scribbling while he still leaned on it (he would shift a little to give you some space) and continued to speak, and sometimes he started to ignore the rest of the class to speak to you and to you only. That’s exactly how I was taught about relative time, only year at high school I understood anything about physics actually, and that’s why I decided to read Brief History of Time in the first place.

Now, I don’t know how these BBC Hawking people knew about the only year in high school I understood physics, but I’m happy it earned Cumberbatch a BAFTA nomination as well a Golden Nymph.