Over the past few months a lot of people have come to me to complain about Franzen’s Freedom involving birds.
Ok, you don’t like birds. Birds are uncool. They’re so boring you can’t even finish Freedom.

Now even Francesco Piccolo is complaining on the Corriere about Franzen’s being a birdwatcher in the mountains (apparently also mountains are uncool). At the beginning the birdwatching thing just made Piccolo suspicious, but then Franzen declared his dislike for ebooks, so now Piccolo is sure, Franzen is a neo-retrò, just like an octogenarian aunt, the local so called left-wing intellectuals, and in general everyone who enjoyed The Artist. They are all living in the past, they are reactionaries rejecting the progress.
Of course the article was widely applauded, which is consistent with the number of people who keep coming to me to complain about the birds in Freedom.

Now, as far as I know there exists a distinct difference between conservationists and reactionaries, but I don’t want to sound pernickety. I myself took a lot of time to finish Freedom. I also realise I may be overreacting about a portion of Piccolo’s article which was just meant to be witty (supposedly), but I have little to say about the rest of said article.

Anyway, will you just leave the birds alone, please? It’s not like they’re not going to attack you from the sky while you sit in the open air with your precious Kindle or Nook, you know.