Gardener’s Year

Remember my mason bee? I’ve been watching over her nest all winter long, and as the temperatures have become steadily warm over the past few days, yesterday I decided to add a new empty nest, for the the next generation or other bees that may find my balcony this spring.

This afternoon, upon returning home, I noticed the first cell of two bamboo straws were cracked open and empty. The boys must have flown away. I’m so surprised, because the wall of one of the cells had become dark and soft a few months ago, so I believed the bee was dead and rotting, at least the first one, the boy. Mason bees lay male eggs in the very last cell, the most dangerous one, while female eggs remain protected behind.

Now I’m a little worried. All of my plants are spouting leaves, but we won’t be seeing flowers very soon. Only the heather is in flower, but I’m not sure mason bees like heather pollen. Maybe male mason bees do not even eat anyway. Luckily my neighbour has just bought some primroses, and the apricot tree is about to blossom.