Like a Counter Turn into a 3A

So the ice skating season is nearly over, time for a brief review.

I’m very pleased with the achievements of my favourite skaters this year, particularly pair Savchenko Szolchowy with their Pina routine, dance pair Virtue Moir consistenly back to gold (although I find Davies White Strauss routine quite remarkable), and of course my new hero Yuzuru Hanyu on the senior podium.

I’m also happy about Carolina Kostner winning world gold at last. She skated to Halleluja at the gala and German reporters on Eurospot DE couldn’t help but remark, halleluja, gold at last. But Carolina knew better, in fact it was Jeff Buckley’s version, Cale’s arrangement, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Halleluja. Anyway, the gold was very well deserved, a career gold.

It’s been a nice season indeed, with impressive Elizaveta Tuktamisheva from Russia already circling over Sochi as a bird of prey, Mishin’s new athlete Arthur Gachinsky doing well in Sheffield, and various Italian pairs shining bright, including Della Monica Guarise, being Matteo Guarise the former roller skating star.

To me, the highlight of the season remains a counter turn into a 3A, a little detail that truly amazes me. Nowadays quite a few skaters can take off their triple axel from a spread eagle entrance, but only young Yuzuru Hanyu does a counter turn into it.
You can check 2012 Nice Worlds or even more impressive 2011 Nebelhorn Trophy, both at min 1.18.