The Look and the Sound of the Voice

To sum up, after a few lovely asthma-free days, I catched a cold. I decided to ignore it because I was busy on errands and things and frankly I was hoping that the heat from walking around would have fried the bacteria. In fact it did, but as soon as I took an afternoon off and sat down to read something, the bacteria kicked back so my body had to react with some fever. That was when I decided to start the washing machine, a washing machine is supposed to be perfectly compatible with an afternoon off, a book, a sore throat and some fever, but it turns out it’s not, because you can always end up with an incredible amount of rinse water splashed on the floor and it could also be the day before a scheduled vacuuming, so it was just a mess. After cleaning everything up, I came to the conclusion that only alcohol could be of help, so I sprayed an entire bottle of herbal remedy on my tonsils (herbal remedies are normally alcoholic because alcohol is bacteriostatic – alcohol being bacteriostatic this is one of the few notions I was able to retain from high school), and went out for a beer, along with two friends with a sore throat as well, one with a cough and another with side effects from antihistamine tablets. The waiter was a proper professional and called us girls. Oh, I forgot to mention that my beloved car (Golf, about 210.000 km old) made a strange thing when starting, but afterwards it seemed ok.

Now we’ve checked the washing machine and it works, so maybe the problem was the lump of cat hair we found in the filter. The Golf is still apparently ok. Sore throat is almost gone. I’m back on salbutamol but I hope it’s only a temporary effect of the cold. I need my voice back for work tomorrow otherwise I’ll be miserable speaking in front of a class of bored IT developers, so I’m swallowing some honey which being a a simple sugar makes me crave carbs so I’m terribly, terribly hungry. Look, I’m not one of those carbs haters, I normally have cookies for breakfast, pasta for lunch and yesterday I even had pizza for dinner, but now I want more because of the evil simple sugar and I can’t have them.

What else. The Ultravox. I seem to be stuck listening to the Ultravox. They make me feel less hungry, for some reason.