Praise for Zoe Heran, she’s a terrific actress. Have you seen Tomboy? Everyone involved has a fantastic face.

Director Celine Sciamma

Zoe Heran

Laure/Mikael and best friend Lisa (leaning very cooly against a wall)

Little sister Jeanne and friend talking about big brothers

In my opinion an interesting face is always a good sign, in film making.

Tomboy is skinny and soulful, exactly as being ten years old feels like. Do you remember how it used to be, to be so skinny that your body could go around unlabelled and be reinvented everyday, skater, horse rider, archaeologist, yet everyone insisted on decorating it with a boring braid and an impractical skirt?
One summer Laure reinvents herself as a boy, it’s an experiment, to discover how it feels, on the soccer field, in the water, in the woods, until of course September comes with school and adults and social blame.

There’s nearly no music at all and it works, it really does.