Plate Tectonics

I’m in an area where the seismic swarm is rocking us almost gently. The quakes are so harmonic the Kartell Fly lamp doesn’t even sway, it just wavers along with the roof and the rest of the house, in utter silence. It’s like being cradled. While you’re slightly drunk.

That’s what an earthquake feels like when there’s a lot of alluvial deposit. It’s also a bit like floating, it makes you think back of the water.

In general, I am not particularly afraid of earthquakes and I tend to raise an eyebrow at those who rush down the stairs, yet I only have methacrylate or paper suspension lamps in my house. I believe this says something about me.

Anyway, what they’re not telling you is that very new industrial buildings are crumbling down around here, and it’s obvious why, because they were build in an era of property speculation, and possibly mafia. Medieval towers may fall, but very new industrial buildings are not supposed to collapse for an earthquake which shakes my ordinary condominium without even moving knick-knacks. You’re not allowed to say that because everyone love industrial concrete and industrial concrete now and everywhere is progress. Nevertheless, roofs are falling and people are dieing.

You know it’s a crappy week when not only work is hellish and the petrol attendant shouts at you, but you also have to count the dead. And how do you define exactly “After the Quake”, when you’re dealing with a seismic swarm and local system of minor tectonic plates?