And the BAFTA Goes To

So it’s TV BAFTA day. Benedict Cumberbatch had his Spencer Hart suit fitted yesterday afternoon, the fans on location are pacing London nervously, the others are glued to Twitter. It’s the fifth nomination for Mr. Cumberbatch, if he wins it will be his very first BAFTA award.

The red white and blue carpet is ready, so let’s kill some time with the good old cat test.
A cat walks onstage while an actor is performing. In most cases, you will want to look at the cat. If you still want to look at the actor, that’s a very good actor you have in front of you.

So I will cat test Benedict Cumberbatch now in order to assess whether he deserves a BAFTA for Sherlock Season 2 or not.

This is Benedict Cumberbatch, to begin with. I like this photo because it’s a candid shot, in flared jeans and a faded t-shirt, perfect contrapposto pose, yet it’s not a paparazzi shot, in fact he’s recording and episode of Cabin Pressure, so he has this cute Martin Crieff air upon him, ginger hair and ottery smile.

Now, this is the same Benedict Cumberbatch but playing Sherlock Holmes, if you see what I mean.

Very well, at this point enter my beloved cat Rafael (after Nadal and Subcomandante Marcos).


So what do you think? Still not sure? Let’s try with some action.
This is Benedict Cumberbatch again playing Sherlock at Reichenbach Fall, aired earlier this year:


Now, do you want to see some more now, here (god yes), or do you prefer to watch this homemade video where Rafael the cat is playing in the snow (last winter while Sherlock was being aired).

It’s your choice.