What a spooky weekend. With everybody gone, Modena was dark and dead. Our friends visiting from the epicentre couldn’t bear staying indoors for long and the ball game got canceled, so after dinner we had a walk in a public park instead, to watch bats hunt. There were about fifty tents there and I couldn’t help noticing that not a single one was pegged and braced for wind correctly. I really wanted to say something because rain was expected on Monday, but I didn’t want to sound intrusive, and most people there were Chinese anyway and I am barely able to say ni hao in Mandarin. Then another big aftershock came yesterday night, then the rain, as expected, and now I keep on thinking about the missing ropes and poles of the Chinese tents. Today while driving to work I noticed that in every public park there are dozens of tents now. People panic, in particular those who were brought up in places where where they don’t have earthquakes at all or they have way too many. Coincidentally, no one seems to have a notion about how to put up a tent properly.

I thought I was perfectly all right until I went to Bologna yesterday, very far from the epicentre, and noticed how relaxed everyone there seemed to be compared to me. I enjoyed Dark Shadows though. I hadn’t enjoyed a Tim Burton’s film so much since Sleepy Hollow to be honest. Sure it lacks the poetry of Edward, the style of Beetlejuice, the genius of Ed Wood, the beauty of Nightmare, still it menages to be kind of romantic, visually interesting, genuinely funny and even strangely fresh.

Despite having slept thought Charlie and Alice, yawned at Planet of the Apes and even a little at Big Fish (sorry, I know you all like Big Fish), I will always be a big time Tim Burton fan, no matter what. More than twenty years have passed, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp still enjoy working together, and still I want to be a part of it, there in the dark. Sometimes I get a little bored, but not this time. This time it was good, there was this little hint of lovely nostalgia (was it me, or Barnabas sleeping upside-down was something from Batman Returns?), but not too much, because it’s good to be alive after all, cursing the yellow arches, hanging around on cliffs, making new movies and watching them.

Still not fitting in exactly.