Romance, Bromance and Methacoline

Three things matter to me in House MD, one is romance, the other is bromance, the third is the use of methacoline as a diagnostic drug.

Methacoline can make a very nasty test, if the diagnoser who administers it is patronizing, careless or just plain cruel. Does this ring a bell? Asthmatic patients rarely occur in House, so during the early seasons I was in agonizing wait for him to give methacholine to someone to diagnose them more quickly or to prove some point. Then it happened and it completely stunned me. House gave metahcoline to an asthmatic man who had lost his memory. So if you have no medical record available, and the patient cannot tell you about his asthma history because he has lost his memory, and you need to diagnose his illness in less than 45 minute, that’s a good reason to give him methacoline. It was pure genius.

With the methacoline problem sorted out, I could concentrate on romance and bromance. The first is dead now, as both Cameron and Cuddy are gone, while he second is dying, as Wilson has cancer.  I don’t know what Wilson is to you, but me he is still and forever will be Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society, who didn’t kill himself in the end, he went to military school, then to medical school and he became a doctor. More than that, he is Watson in a Holmesian setting. You know, his wife/girlfriend dies, Holmes/House fakes his own death and so on. Wilson is a trait d’union in my fictional universe.