Suspension of Disbelief

I was so absorbed in the final chapters of Never Let me Go tonight that when Madame casually mentioned the Morningdale scandal I though oh no what did I miss this time, then I though ok it doesn’t matter, I can check it on the Wikipedia later.

Only after a while it occurred to me than the Morningdale scandal was fictional so my only options were to either ask Kazuo Ishiguro himself, or make it up myself in my mind. I was relieved when Madame explained the Morningdale scandal a few pages later.

In the meanwhile I got myself the screenplay to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, for some in-depth analysis. It contains many omissis, which seems adequate. I love reading screenplays anyway, they’re always kind of too much and not enough, compared to the movie. You really get to grasp the process, direction especially.

By the way, according to the screenplay Guillam’s boyfriend is not so unnamed after all, his name is Richard.