Blisters and Bliss

After five days of soggy weather and muddy paths, today the old gore-tex of my boots gave up. I’d buy a pair of wellies, but they’re complicated to pack for flights, and where I Iive it rains once a month anyway. Oh I’m going to miss this so much. Yesterday I was seriously soaked, so I decided to go bodyboarding in the rain. The weather report of the surf life saving station read “wet outside – wet inside”, which was cool. The sea temperature was 15 degrees so they gave me a very thick suit and sent me out with a cheer. Normally I look like a killer whale in a wetsuit, but this time it was a really nice wetsuit, perfect fit, black and blue, so it gave me more the air of a blue whale I believe. The wave was breaking quite close to the beach, it was a quick wave, fun to surf.

I saw a seal, swmming very slowly near the rocks.

I walked back in the rain, happy with my short hair completely undone by salt and wind.

I can’t believe that in a few days I’ll be back wearing makeup. I like wearing makeup actually, I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take to switch back from my outdoor self to my urban self.