Home Sweet Home

I lift the toilet lid and three mosquitoes flew out, one tiger, one regular anopheles and one of the new breed we’re having this summer, I like to call it the Black Death, they’re small and so black that when you slap them you get a sticky charcoal stain on yourself or the wall. Tiger mosquitoes carry west nile and dengue, the anopheles carries malaria, I expect the Black Death sort quite obviously to carry the plague. Oh, the three mosquitoes had survived (and probably laid eggs) inside the toilet for more than two weeks.

Then I went to my parents’, the road cuts through dozens of corn fields and sunflower fields, all dry and dead and abandoned, except for the one field with the tall corn and the big Pioneer sign. A disturbing thing to see, thriving Pioneer corn, next to sunflowers killed by the sun.

In short, to survive here nowadays you need to be genetically engineered or sealed in air conditioned indoors. Or possibly a mosquito hiding in toilets.

Anyway, I finally figured out what was that strange pain in my right shoulder last month than won’t go away but started to fade out on the third days of my holidays and had completely disappeared by the seventh day. It has reappeared today at half past three while I was writing some code. Now I just need to figure out what to do about it.

Tomorrow we talk about BBC Parade’s End, guess if I liked it.