Bad Feng Shui

Yesterday for the first time in my life I went to a local political festival while in open conflict with the corresponding political administration. Well, to be honest it was the second time, but the first time I was eight and therefore still not able to vote, and back then the party had another name anyway, so I’m not sure it counts.

I went there in order to treat Logan to his favourite BBQ restaurant, because he’s helping me tremendously in an alarming, annoying and exasperating situation.

To be honest, I was kind of expecting some kind of foghorn or dedicated alarm system to activate automatically as soon as I reached the gate, but nothing happened. The food didn’t even look poisoned. So we had dinner and a walk.

Thirty years ago my conflict with the local administration (very local, a small village of 800 people) involved the plan to cut down the trees of a public park in order to build an indoor bowls facility (which could have been built in dozens of other places, especially already paved places), while here the local administration is somewhat bigger (still a small town anyway), there are not many trees involved because there’s hardly any trees left basically, so the problem is literally down to the ground, it’s the protection of water bearing strata, of a few areas still not paved, and the public use of the paved ones. It seems my views have not changed much over the years, I suppose this should make me think.

Anyway, apart from my problem with the local administration, in general I found the atmosphere of the festival rather gloomy and I couldn’t understand why exactly. Then I had the following conversation with Logan, which helped.

Garnant – This is sad
Logan – Yes it is indeed
Garnant – But why? What’s wrong exactly? They have the restaurants, the library, the scheduled multicultural debate, the photos celebrating the reconstruction after the earthquake…
Logan – Bad Feng Shui?
Garnant – …

So you see, my long time problem with local administrations, which concerns environment-related town planning issues, is basically a feng shui problem. Where the town has its earth, wood and water zones, they’re always pouring concrete. Where the fire and metal zones are, they’re leaving post-industrial zoned abandoned.

Luckily this is the last festival of the season (sorry Logan for the BBQ). It was depressing and I even needed salbutamol to breathe, which is infuriating. I’m blaming the depression on the party, but of course not the asthma. Let’s be honest. In this country I always get asthma when I have dinner or even a drink outdoor, because everywhere I go I am constantly surrounded by smokers who puff smoke in my face.

The only thing I still like is watching the elderly couples, both partisans in their youth, the toned legs of who can waltz, the lady in a floral skirt and sandals, the gentleman in a well pressed shirt, pirouetting with grace.