Do Not Be Inconsistent; I Find It Infuriating

Yes, you’re right, every other post is a cumberpost, what can I do about it. But yesterday Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein arrived in Italy via NT Live Encore, at last, after months of broadcasting in the vast majority of planet Earth, including Malta, India, China and a place in Russia called СПАРТАК Воронеж (which may or may not remind you of Cabin Pressure).

So I went to the horrible multiplex which smells of rotten popcorn with a fellow cumber… person, and we were pleased to notice that the theater was nearly full and the crowd mostly consisted of teenage girls. This reminded us of the time when I was a Sting fan enthusiastically watching The Bride and my friend had a weird crush for the literary Creature, and later I had a crush for literary Holmes and her for Nicholas Rowe of Pyramid of Fear.

Anyway, I had already seen a few (illegal, trembling, out of focus) bits of this Frankenstein and I had read the reviews so my expectations were fairly high, as you can imagine, but I have to admit that I still wasn’t prepared, I was strangely unguarded, and I was left a little shaken.

You have to know that as a teenager I used to have some problems with the grotesque. Learning how to deal with deep sadness, utter horror and a healthy laugh all at the same time was a process to me, one of literary study and one of pop epiphanies. I am still uncomfortable sometimes with grotesque details in the arts, so I tend to proceed with caution. Too bad I love postmodernism, and romantic Gothic literature, and I read my Mann and Hoffman and Kakfa, so I sometimes just have to deal with my inner chaos.

What surprised me of this Frankenstein, was how easy it was to feel sad, to watch in horror, and to laugh, how naturally it came to me thought the acting. Actually what left me a little shaken was that I there was no chaos inside me. It’s a remarkable, very balanced, very consistent work (it ought to be, inconsistency is infuriating). The adaptation is excellent (at least for the leading characters), the acting is amazing (again at least as regards the leading characters), the design is totally fabulous.

In my first cumberpost I was musing about seeing something of Withnail in Sherlock and finding it endearing and a bit unsettling (when Sherlock says John I need some give me some, don’t you see Withnail telling I I must have some booze, I demand to have some booze?). Well, I saw Withnail again yesterday, during the final monologue of the Creature, I saw Withnail delivering what a piece of work is a man in front of the wolves. Now I know it’s not just me and my obsessions, it’s not just Cumberbatch loving Withnail&I.

It’s consistency.