Was It March? I Think I Saw Daffodils in Flower Beds in the Streets

Assuming that the leaked Elementary pilot is the genuine final version that will be aired next week, my mark will be 6+.

The plot was a little uninteresting, the characters were not particularly intriguing, but as an overall experience it was enjoyable enough, especially from a visual perspective, and I do see some space for improvement.

Of course I am still perplexed at this idea of taking the male friendship away from the Sherlock Holmes world, being the male friendship the main point in the Sherlock Holmes world. Not that I’m averse to male female friendship in serial products, in fact in the Nineties I used to be a huge X-Files fan who strongly advocated a noromo approach. I just doubt this Elementary will be good enough to put a reasonably memorable male female friendship in place of a seminal, memorable male friendship. But who knows, maybe I’ll be proved wrong.

I like them living in a greyish Brooklyn, in a flat with large windows, a lot of electricity sockets and dark steps. I like the tartan details here and there and the rooftop bees.

You know, I am a beekeeper myself, of sorts. I favour bees that don’t make honey. I’ve been keeping mason bees successfully for a few years now and when I am in London I often wear a t-shirt with bumblebees on it, hoping that the literary Holmes will notice it in the streets (yeah I’m being serious).

I like an approachable Holmes and a cold Watson, but they are going to need massive development, because their motives are still too vague. We know who they are, but what do they want? The wanting is important. Don’t tell me I’m expecting too much from a pilot, look at the X-Files pilot. Look at Sherlock‘s pilot. Well, no, don’t.

And I will definitely need better, more imaginative editing. Can you do that? Please?