Missing Old Pixar Already

I forgot to tell you about Brave.

Well, terrific hair. I’ve always wanted Celtic hair like that, I’ve been messing with henna for years and years with mad enthusiasm. Only now I’m gonna be forty (when? someday!), I’m a brunette who’s turning grey, I pay a colourist, and I’ve started to notice that I don’t really care about hair that much.

And without the hair, there’s hardly anything left in Brave.

Michael De Pippo

Oh but now I can wear green! I think you should know that. I’ve always wanted Celtic red curls, with a green outfit. But as a Mediterranean brunette I have an olive complexion with yellow undertones, which does not work with green at all, so green is sadly forbidden.

In recent years though, I started to notice that make up for yellow undertones wasn’t working very well anymore on me, so I tried neutral undertones and even rose undertones and I was pleasantly surprised. Well it seems I don’t have an olive complexion anymore. I suppose this is what happens when one day you just stop going to the beach for good. In the past 20 years the beach to me has been that stretch of sand or pebbles I have to cross to get myself and my bodyboard or snorkeling equipment into the sea (ocean preferably), and in most cases I’m wearing a surf shirt if not a full wetsuit anyway. I do get some tan from outdoor sports, but it’s not that horrible (corrugated) cardboard colour you see on Italian women wearing silver Hogan shoes in international airports. I love my new complexion. I can wear ethereal mineral powders, I can manage any kind of lip tint, and I can wear all shades of green (just bought a v-neck in fir last Saturday).