Martin vs Zombies

So this friend told me you have to watch Once Upon a Time, Robert Carlyle plays Rumpelstilzchen. I said no I’m fed up with fairy tales right now, especially dwarves, I’ve just had a couple of good night’s sleep after finishing 1Q84III and there’s a full moon next week so I would rather read an essay by Zigmunt Bauman about consumerism, I find it relaxing.

She insisted. She said Robert Carlyle was wearing leather pants.

Oh well.

So I watched this episode were Grumpy falls in love with Fred from Angel and they sell some candles.

I found it utterly stupid. Ok it’s fun to see some characters you’ve known for ages interact in unexpected and absurd ways.

Wait. Wait. This is fanfiction.

Oh I see the point.

No wait.

According to Henry Jenkins fan fiction is the way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by the folk. Here we have folktales, which are not damaged at all, in fact they still belong to the folk, a corporation trying to repair them, and culture watching Robert Carlyle’s outfit? I will concede that folktales have been marginally damaged by Hollywood at this point, but a glossy ABC series is no way to fix them. I will also admit that Robert Carlyle is totally cool as Rumpelstilzchen. But Fred wears a very silly tutu and I wasn’t able to discern whether it was meant to be ironic or what, and anyway I really don’t care about Grumpy’s love life, thank you very much.

What’s more, this morning while I was making the bed I noticed there are two gnomes on my bedside table. They’re nice gnomes from a Christkindlmarkt, but they’re still gnomes, and I know their names. Alan Turing was obsessed by Snow White and you know what happened to him.

Maybe I should move the gnomes in another room. I’ve already given 1Q84 to a colleague.

Anyway, the Martin vs Zombies thing for the 2012 Cataclysmic Week is brilliant, in my opinion.