Show Your Face

Each time Obama wins, I celebrate listening to Chicago in the 4 Way Street version.

I strongly supported Hillary during the 2008 campaign, so my happiness  for Obama is all a matter of loyalty to Democrats, relief for the very end of the Bush era (with all the related Tea Parties, Palins, Romneys and minions), and nice photos of this good looking guy who is at least a symbol of accomplished multiculturalism.  I wasn’t impressed by Obama’s first term in fact, especially from an environmentalist point of view, but I wasn’t expecting much after all.

I shouldn’t judge really, since I’m not even an American citizen. I’m expected to show some respect, some gratitude. My not being impressed is bit like McKayla’s in London, isn’t it.

Yet I feel I’m still entitled to some public opinion, considering the influence of US politics on the planet I inhabit like everyone else.

Chicago provides the right amount of bitterness, is geographically relevant, and is about civil rights, commitment and hope. It’s perfect for my Obama state of mind.