To Boldly Stay

I am fairly pleased with the new Star Trek teaser poster in general.

Of course I’m annoyed that it looks like a dozen other posters of Hollywood blockbusters. I’ll also have to admit that the dear old notion (also here) of darkness being connected to Old Europe in the American mind comes across as a little too blatant here, to the point of redundancy. In addition, as a seasoned trekkie I find it somewhat uncomfortable to include now the concept of darkness in the Roddenberryan world, event in an alternate timeline.

Nevertheless, the poster is undeniably cool and genuinely surprised me. I wasn’t expecting a lonesome Cumberbatch in a dark coat overlooking a burnt London, despite the academic knowledge and the leaked photos. Also, I find this idea of exploring life on Earth in Star Trek, the Old World especially, without using a far distant planet metaphorically, to be rather intriguing after all. It’s not exactly what you would call to boldly go where no one has gone before, as London is Ryanair’s hub after all, but anyway, I do trust Abrams at this point.