Les Coquelicots

As a visitor to the Ghibli Museum you’re not allowed to take photos, so all you have is your memory.

It’s a small modern building, not particularly impressive from the outside except for the Laputa robot on the roof and the makkuro kurosuke peeking from a window. Inside it’s a maze of small, dark wooden rooms, full of artworks, antiques and drawing material like cramped ateliers, on three floors, connected by small staircases and passages, with a large central hall.

Yes, it’s just like the Quartier Latin, post-cleaning of course.

When I was there, the Ghibli Museum reminded me of Market Chipping, Sophie Hatter’s hometown, with all its old little  shops, where she meets Howl for the first time. I didn’t know about the Quartier Latin because it was still in Goro’s (and his father’s) imagination, or possibly in one of the sketches pinned to the walls of the Museum rooms. Now it’s entirely clear what they do during the lengthy closures for periodic maintenance, they clean all the place with love for things past and things to come.