Sydney Shopping

One afternoon in Sydney I was in a book shop checking out the local book chart and comparing it to the NZ book chart (in November The Hobbit was selling more than 50 Shades in NZ, that’s something), when I decided to buy a body-boarding magazine. I found one which was particularly attractive, with amazing photos, an interesting article about conservation and a good smell of thick paper, but something felt not quite right and I couldn’t understand what it was. Then it struck me. There wasn’t a single woman in that magazine, not surfing, not writing the articles, not advertising anything, not even watching the surfers from the beach dressed in a ridiculous padded bikini. Now, of course I am perfectly aware that surfing is mostly a man thing and that the press industry caters to female surfers with dedicated publications (some of them are undoubtedly enjoyable), but this notion that male targeted magazine in order to work must totally erase the existence of women troubled me an awful lot and in the end I was not able to buy the magazine, nor any magazine. Instead, I went to the next shop and bought some swimwear.

So this is my resolution for year 2013: surf more.