The Altimeters

I was watching a plane approaching BLQ yesterday, a white one with a yellow tail, like a gannet but reversed, maybe Germanwings.

Looking up to the sky and not finding anything alive and having to revert to plane watching instead is extremely sad, but it’s always like this in January. At least I don’t have to listen to the hunters shooting all day from 4 a.m. in the morning five days a week. They’re shooting less now because they have already killed all the animals (except for the woodpecker, I saw the woodpecker twice last week but not in the past few days, I hope it’s still alive, don’t tell them it may be still alive please), so they’re more careful because the probability of shooting another hunter or someone’s dog or a walker instead is extremely high as weeks pass by. I have this kind neighbour who always brings some fruit to the park, for the birds. He brought a dozen apples last week, from a distance I though they were mushrooms but they were apples. Untouched, not even a single notch. No one’s there to eat them.

So I’m plane watching (BLQ airspace) at least until the end of the month. From February on let’s hope it’s not a horribly hot and dry year like 2012. We’re dying here, only most people have not noticed yet. They just mention casually not being able to breath, walk and digest properly, and that’s dying my dear.

At least friend E. survived her flight to Los Roques last year through narco-terrorist airspace, not everyone can say that.

On a lighter note, my plane watching (listening?) includes the fourth season of Cabin Pressure this January. The first episode, Timbuktu, is scheduled for Wednesday, while the last two episodes are begin recorded today. It’s going to be brilliant of course.