This Christmas I was given lovely decorations, a homemade compilation about lost love, a seal, a bear and two woollen jumpers.

The bear arrived today in fact, in the form of a new photo of Mausi, a moon bear who lives in the Vietnam sanctuary. Since last year Mausi seems to have grown nice additional fur on her head, which is good. Along with the photo came a small plush moon bear. I wasn’t convinced about it at first, as I believe the whole point of the operation is not that of buying merchandise, but I see that the plush bear can help raising awareness, you can pass it on as gift, or people may notice it around your house and become interested. [shudders]

I guess it’s going to be the second option, as it turns out the plush moon bear is supercute after all and I have no plans to part from it, so you’ll have to befriend a bear and get your own.