Looping the Loop and Defying the Ground

I’m feeling irrationaly anxious about this fourth and presumably last season of Cabin Pressure. It’s comedy so it’s supposed to have a happy ending and I really really want it to have a happy ending and I’m not even a happy ending person. But there’s clearly something climaxing here, something emotional, with Martin’s new quiet self-confidence (except when dealing with crime or a lot a lot a lot of bees), Douglas being sometimes unguarded, Carolyn with her man she knows, and I can’t help being a tad worried.

It’s probably me, all those tiny airfields and big airshows when I was a child, sitting in Cessnas or nose up to the Farnborough sky. It’s probably that.

This cabinlock thing I found on tumblr though, it’s got a strangely reassuring effect on me.

Do you know why Martin Crieff flies planes? He’s not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it. The longer the flight the more he gets off and do you know what? One day just flying  the plane won’t be enough. One day we’ll be standing round a fleet of aeroplanes and Martin Crieff will be the one who put it there.