I Do Love a Rainy Day

Now this is intriguing. Cumberbatch is rumoured to be in talks to play Alan Turing in the forthcoming biopic. Ha. Alan Turing. The machine. The apple. Snow White! I wasn’t particularly interested in this project as Leonardo Di Caprio was supposed to be in it and I am not exactly a fan of Di Caprio. In fact I cheered when he decided to devote all of his time to the environmentalist cause, because I like the environmentalist cause and because he was leaving some space for other actors to work in Hollywood, but I hadn’t seen this coming, I mean this specific spot to be taken by Cumberbatch. There’s so much to be said about Alan Turing, about his life and his legacy. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

No figure skating this weekend. We’re between the Euros and the Four Continents. I was happy for the Italian medals in Zagreb of course, but the competition was not particularly exciting, except maybe the ladies. I’m growing to like Tuktamysheva a lot.


As for Cabin Pressure, I think I know now. It’s not my cumberobsession, it’s not my pilot father, well it is but mostly it’s my study-in-male-friedship thing. I realised it last night while I was driving alone on the motorway, thinking that my favourite line of the entire season 4 so far is in Uskerty when Douglas says that Martin is master at being teased. The way he says it.