A Lot a Lot a Lot of Bees

We’ve had a couple of warm days here and the mason bees have decided it’s time to fly. I found several open cells this morning but it’s too early, the temperature is going to drop again in a few days.

This afternoon I went to check the cells and I noticed that luckily all the bees are still inside, you can see one head poking out from the bottom left cell (now with improved photo). Clever boys, I hope they keep there long enough. I’m sure they’re all males because normally a male egg is laid in the last cell (so that the females have better chances of survival), and I could see very clearly that they all have the typical white hair on their heads.


I was worried about this particular bee house over the winter, as the cells did not seem to be perfectly sealed and also some mould could be seen on the bamboo. But apparently everyone was growing up and doing just fine.

Chives, daffodils and raspberries are not in bloom yet, so I rushed to buy some primroses. Next week I’m going to add the new bee houses.