Why You Should Be at Least a Tiny Bit Worried

One night last December I briefly considered voting for the Five Star Movement.

A large pod of bottlenose dolphins was being held in Taiji to be selected for captivity, slaughter or release. Two friends of mine were facing a very ugly winter. I had tonsillitis.

My grillini acquaintances always say that the Five Star Movement is perfect to express frustration. So I went online to read the political program, Grillo’s blog and Casaleggio’s influencers. A creepy experience. I am able to recognise a populist, reactionary party when I see one, and the Five Star Movement is definitely a populist, reactionary party.

This article by the Wu Ming collective explains exactly why.

After four days netted in the cove, 101 bottlenose dolphins were taken captive to be sold to dolphinaria, 25 were slaughtered for meat, 74 were released fate unknown (source). If you pay to attend a dolphin show or swim-with-dolphins program, please consider you’re paying for drive hunts to happen, especially the gruesome one in December 2012.

My friends are slowly recovering.

I got rid of tonsillitis in late January.